is your horse the fastest he can be?

Introducing the LARC TEST, a revolutionary new way to take the guesswork out of your horse's conditioning program.

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the most complete program available

While there are a number of conditioning apps on the market, only the LARC TEST measures the intensity of your workout on the heart, lungs, and muscles - and then makes recommendations on what your next move should be based on your horse's individual results. Now you can take the guesswork out of your horse’s conditioning program.

What I like about the LARC TEST is that you have the trifecta. The heart, the lungs, and the muscles.
— Melinda Bell, Premier Equine Sports Therapy


While most conditioning apps used GPS tracking to measure heart and speed, only the LARC TEST combines actual weather conditions with blood testing to measure the impact of your horse’s conditioning program on the the key elements of the horse’s body - the heart, lungs, and muscles - giving you a complete picture of what’s happening at any given time. The LARC TEST will tell you if you're over-training your horse, under-training him, or training him at the optimal level. And because it uses actual data from your individual horse, it takes the guesswork out of your program.

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The LARC TEST allows you to measure the aerobic intensity of workout. By understanding the aerobic intensity, you can plan accordingly during the week to build resistance and reduce risk of injury.

Using the heart rate, the LARC TEST also has a pain indicator that alerts you to any soreness that may impact performance.



It’s impossible to properly condition your horse without knowing if lungs are working with full capacity. The LARC TEST can show if you horse has allergies or inflammation that could be impacting performance.

Unlike other conditioning programs, the LARC TEST can even help detect your horse’s risk of bleeding.



In order to improve your horse’s speed, you need to know how hard his muscles worked so that you can make adjustments over time to make him faster and prevent injuries associated with muscle fatigue.

The LARC TEST tells you if you’re over-training or under-training at any given time.

To ensure the accuracy of results, every test is conducted by someone who has been certified by us to administer the LARC TEST.

information At Your Fingertips

The LARC TEST mobile app is the ultimate conditioning and fitness app made especially for high performance equestrian athletes. Now you and your team can access all of your horse’s conditioning data anywhere, anytime - making it the most comprehensive app available today. You can see the impact of your horse’s conditioning program on his heart, lungs, and muscles. And using evidence-based data, the app makes recommendations on what your next step should be - whether it be to maintain, increase, or decrease your next workout.

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I want my horse to win the right way. I want him to win the natural way by letting him tell me what he needs to be the winner he is.
— Liz McManus, WPRA Barrel Racer

We Began with a mission

The LARC Test was developed a veterinarian who set out to improve the way we conditioned our horses after working with trainers on the race track. The way human athletes are trained and conditioned has significantly evolved over the last two decades, becoming far more methodical, scientific, and sophisticated than in decades prior. Simply put, athletes have more information about how their bodies are performing than ever before. In spite of scientific gains in human athletes, the conditioning program for horses has not changed. At LARC TEST, we set out to change that - and in doing so, revolutionize the way people condition their horses.

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