Introducing the new and improved LARC TEST mobile app. It’s the ultimate conditioning and fitness app made especially for high performance equestrian athletes. Now you and your team can access all of your horse’s conditioning data anywhere, anytime - making it the most comprehensive app available today. You can see the impact of your horse’s conditioning program on his heart, lungs, and muscles. And using evidence-based data, the app makes recommendations on what your next step should be - whether it be to maintain, increase, or decrease your next workout.




Updates to the new mobile app include a rider’s mode that allows you to track your horse’s speed, time, and distance. You can create a profile of your horse and share that information with other riders, trainers, and equine professionals that need horse information at their finger tips. The rider’s mode is free for anyone to use. The measurements associated with the LARC TEST - heart rate, respiratory rate, and lactate levels - must be conducted by a certified LARC TEST distributor.